There are great the attractions that the environment offers:

Natural spaces like the Ecoparque de Trasmiera in Arnuero and the Marshes of Santoña and Noja.

Beaches of great beauty to only 5 km, those of Noja, Island and Garlic.

Nautical ports in Laredo, Santoña, Somo and Pedreña.

Prehistoric and archaeological remains: Caves of Altamira, of Covalanas, the Soplao...

Maritime activities: sail and oar in Santoña and Laredo.

And terrestrial, mountaineering, hiking: Route of The Mills in Meruelo, golf in Noja, Pedreña and Orejo, Walks astride.

The municipality preserves the necessary tranquility and serenity to enjoy a good rest in the mountain, simultaneously relying on a good access to come to Santander, from that only 40 km separate him.